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Sync (MacOS) has been trying to sync two files for weeks. It's stuck at 64 %, sync is working fine otherwise, i.e., other files are still getting sync.

What can I do with regard to these files?

The log doesn't show an error message.

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Hey!  Yeah, we ran into this issue too.

The solution was to edit the StreamsList file in the problem directory, to disable resource forks [metadata that isn't likely needed outside of the origin OS] from syncing.

The fix:

In Terminal, open with VIM/Nano:  <Problem_Folder>/.sync/StreamsList  --> disable resource forks: add a # at the start of the line --> write buffer/save --> Exit --> restart the Resilio service or reboot

[if none of this made sense, let me know and I can try to explain step-by-step]

More details:

General .sync structure and methods:

Alt-streams, resource forks, and other macOS/Unix/Windows madness:

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