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Hey Everyone,

I'm wondering if my Patreon idea is posable with Sync. I know that I can give the Read Only link to someone and they can then sync everything from the folder. What I'd like to know is can I limit someone to sync only certain files within that folder, and can I schedule that sync time.

We have a weekly community tv show and my idea is that Patrons at the $5 a month level will get access to all the shows the day before they go to air as well as all the shows since they became a patron. A Patron at the $10 a month level will have access to the episodes as soon as I finish them as well as all the past episodes from that season. There might be another level with access to 20 seasons of our show, but that's a lot of data.

I'm sure I could make this work with lots of different folders and Read Only links, but I'm imaging that would make lots of duplicate files. I'm also worried that this is a Business account feature and as a sole operator (I have two hosts, but I do the whole show from camera to final broadcast export myself) I'm more of a Sync Home budget.

I'm also fairly new to Sync. It's been great for backing up our two iMacs and sharing our family photos.

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