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forgive me if this is a stupid question... i love this software

i have a huge music collection on my home computer and selective sync seems like a great idea for me - i used to just make a redundant folder of the stuff i wanted to sync with my phone until tonight when i decided to finally look into the selective sync option. i have my collection organized like this: "B\Beatles, The\Meet The Beatles" ... or "R\Residents\Meet The Residents". each artist sorted into a folder of the first letter of their sort order, 

when i turn on selective sync it syncs everything by default - i wish i could opt each folder in. but the real question i have is - is it possible to stop the entire "B" folder from selective syncing but allow the "Beatles, The" folder to be synced ? currently if i turn the selective sync off on the "B" folder i can't then sync the "Beatles, The" folder.

i hope this question makes sense and there is just something simple i am missing here

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