RSLS files created when moving folders and files around

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Setup is:

Synology NAS with latest version of Resilio.  8 clients on desktops inside and outside the office and a few tablets in the mix all on latest version.  A few desktop clients have selective sync enabled.

We are noticing A LOT of RSLS files being created on the desktops when wanting to delete files which is normal (I believe) operation with selective sync but when moving files to another folder the files/folders are remaining in the original path as well as in the new path.  It's confusing and muddying up our data.  Not sure if this is a bug or we just don't know how to use selective sync properly.  What's strange is even the desktop clients with selective sync OFF are seeing all the duplicates.  Does this sound like normal operation with selective sync or has anyone else had similar issues?  Thanks for any feedback.

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