How do file paths work?

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I want to use Resilio to work on audio projects with people. The problem is that our audio program (Adobe Audition) uses references to files when doing editing (it locates the files every time the program loads). So let's say I open a synced project and tell it the files are all at the location on my hard drive (users>m>desktop). Next time when someone else opens it, it asks "where are the files?" because his files are located at users>p>music>projects etc. The file paths are difference for each person, so it would ask us to re-link every time, and that's annoying.

How do I avoid this from happening? Can I make the file paths the same across all computers?


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I have *no* familiarity with Audition, but if there is a seperate file or part of the project that's isolated for sync that's pointing to the resource locations, you could likely add that to the .sync Ignore List.

Details on Ignore List:


That's all I can think of. Hopefully this helps someone. :)

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