File deduplication - How does it work


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I have Sync Home Pro licence and have installed Sync Home Pro on 3 different machines.
Based on the Knowledgebase, Sync Home Pro is suppose to support file level deduplication between folder shares.
When I move a file from one share to another share, the file gets re-uploaded.

Is there some setting to get file dedeuplicaction to work or how when does it work?


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Just to add to my above post. I did some further testing.

I copied a video file (100MB) from one folder share to another folder share. It is the excact duplicate of the original file. Resilio re-uploaded instead of using any file deduplication.

I copied the same video file and put it in another folder of the same folder share. Again an exact duplicate of the original file. Resilio re-uploaded the file and no deduplication could be seen to be used.

I was expecting in both cases that using fule level deduplicaction syncing would take seconds, but it took the expected 15 minutes or so to upload. Under the features it definetly indicates that Sync Home Pro support file level deduplication across folder shares.

Under what setup does file level deduplication work?


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After more than 2 weeks...


2 years and still no answer. Does this mean that deduplication was a false claim and Resilio Sync doesn't deduplicate? After all it "feels" like there is no deduplication implemented...

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