version 2.6.3 : Sync web-interface broken over TLS protocol

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I just tried to use the lastest version 2.6.3 (1340).

About the main features, I do not yet noticed issue except for when I try to open the web-interface over TLS protocol.

With Firefox, I got the warning : SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG (Too long answer/authorized size) and on Chrome : ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR ( bad answer)

What I may confirm it is an issue with version 2.6.3 :

on version 2.6.0, I have no issue with the same certificate;

This certificate is also used by other servers hosting on the same server (apache; ...)

I have the same issue from my LAN or from WLAN

I used a x509.v3 certificate signed by a custom CA root (of course installed on the client side): pubkey 1024bits with a sha-256 sign mechanism

Note: I also tried to disable TLS1.3 like described in but it did not fix the issue.


Thank in advance


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Still no answer from support but I deepened more the issue with version 2.6.3.

In my conf file, force_https option is set to false and in this case I can not open resilio gui over https protocol but if I change its value to true I can open resilio gui over https protocol. (Amazing !)

I have this behaviour only with 2.6.3 (not with 2.6.2)

Anyhow it is not the expected behaviour according with the page :


"force_https" - if "true" is selected, http will be disabled.

So currently force_https option is to enable/disable https instead of forcing or not this protocol on version 2.6.3 😬

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