"Disconnected by Owner" error when folder is added


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I have a folder named Services for which I am the owner. When I am sharing the folder with my users, as soon as the folder is added, an error is displayed:

An owner removed your permission to access 'Services'

The folder status then shows "Disconnected by owner"

I am the sole owner of the folder so I am not sure why this error is displayed. I have already tried reinstalling the client on the user's system and also restarted CNG service but so far nothing has helped. The other folders are syncing fine. 

Please help.



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Hi Team!

I have the same problem with ReSync on my Asustor. Folder was created on NAS and shared with my other devices. But latter on on NAS I've got message  "Disconnected by owner". 

I removed this folder from ReSync and put it again. After few days issue was happen again.

Could you please help to solve this issue?

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The support did not help me out in any way and just kept on requesting logs again and again which I was providing. The ticket went on unresolved for like a month. 

I just resolved this on my own by creating a copy of the same folder and shared it again with my users and the error has not appeared so far again.  

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It appears to be some sort of bug. I am experiencing this on a regular basis; I have sync on a number of folders set up between 2-3 of my machines, and often when I start a machine, I will get the "owner removed your permission" in Sync on that machine. I'm not adding folders; these are folders that were syncing fine before the machine was previously shut down. It is getting really annoying.

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i have exactly same issues here.

every time i started sync, my folders automatically disconnected by "the owner" and said an owner removed your permission.

this is strange because i am 100% sure i am the only one owner (and user). there should be no other person who can accecss those folders. i have no idea what's wrong with my account.

it happened again and again, and this is just  super annoying.
could any one help me with this problem?



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