Sync 2.6.1 (1319) armhf, single large file transfer: Sync requires double amount of free disk space on receiving client

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Sync 2.6.1 (1319) armhf (latest/greatest version available using your apt repository

tried to transfer a really huge single file (50 GiB) to 4 clients:

- 2 clients have had more than 100 GiB free disk space in their file-systems where the receiving resilio folders reside:
The synchronization finished as expected, fine.

- 2 clients started with more than 50 GiB but below 100 GiB free disk space in the related file-system:
Here the transfer were stuck on the sender side stating still 2MB data to be transfered. On the receiving side you could see the received file in the ".sync" subfolder ... but the complete transfer process finished only in that moment when 50 GiB free disk space or even more were made available in that file systems.

On the stuck receivers you find log entries like

"timestamp":1549493598,"type":2},{"folder":{"id":-2589366840598215013,"name":"1"},"id":14496,"msg":"Not enough space to sync 1 file to '1'",

It looks like sync checks the available free disk space before moving the received file from subfolder .sync to the parent=target directory in a last step and ignores the circumstance that this is not necessary since both directories already reside on the same file system. By that you have to caclulate at least twice the amount of free disk space of the largest file you want to synchronize.

Works as designed?


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