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I am syncing a folder between 3 devices PC, Mac and a Synology NAS.

But from last week on both PC and Mac seem to constantly try to sync to the diskstation but never finish. Even when I am not in the home network my Macbook constantly tries to sync the folder.

Any guess how to fix that?

Can I just remove the folder on the NAS, delete the local files and establish a new link? Or will this also remove the files on the other 2 devices?


EDIT: When I stop the NAS service the 2 other devices sync fine btw.

EDIT2: The synced folder is 27Gb big and hasn't been changed today. so far my pc managed to produce 155,9Gb traffic to that folder. It constantly says there are hundred of files to upload then the number shrinks, finished and then again hundreds of files. Seems I am going to have to turn off the NAS instance. 

EDIT3: Another hint I found is that the file seems to be "locked by another application" on the NAS but there is nothing accessing it!

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Check the time is accurate on the NAS. Also check if you're running out of memory. My 512MB NAS runs out of memory due to BT Sync and I had to give up on it.  I don't think they optimized the NAS versions or are written by senior embedded developers that manage resources better than big PC's.

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