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i have been using Sync for a long time to synchronize parts of my 6tb music collection to a 400gb sd card on my Samsung Galaxy s9. I've been doing it folder by folder of artists (for example i have a folder called "Byrds, The" that has all their albums in it and i have been doing that with any other artist i want to have on my phone too. i used to have a 200gb card and had no issues, now that i have the larger card i obviously have more folders syncing. the problem is - now that i have these extra folders Sync can't seem to handle it - it takes FOREVER to even load and then once it does i get almost no speed whatsoever and even sometimes LOSE my internet connection totally (whether its wifi or mobile data). is there a limit to how many folders you can sync with this program? the other problem is when i try to do anything at all - changing status of folders, deleting them, etc - i end up with a white screen that makes me have to restart Sync and start trying to change things all over again. this is incredibly frustrating.

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Well, I'm at about 24GB and I can say the app on my Android hasn't worked since the initial sync 10 days ago. Says there is 1 of 2 peers connected, but just white page when trying to view the peers.

The overall problem is they tried to develop too many features in short time without QAing them.  Finding bugs within 5 minutes of an upgrade is pretty regular occurrence, but shouldn't be in a mature program.

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