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hi community.

every time i started Sync, my folders automatically disconnected and said "an owner removed your permission".

this is strange because i am 100% sure i am the only one owner (and user). there should be no other person who can accecss those folders.

i have no idea what's wrong with my account. it happened again and again, and this is just  super annoying.

could any one help me with this problem?

same issue found on this topic:



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I'm not sure of the cause, but I've had this happen now twice in the last few weeks. Both times, it was one of my devices that runs Sync as a service. Restarting the service on that machine cause this to just "magically go away". 

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thanks laurin1.

it's kind of weird but glad to know that i am not the only one facing this problem. hope this issue could be solved within a short time.

and to these friends who have same problems here, i now tempararyly switched all my sync folders from "advanced folder" to "standard folder" and it worked fine for me so far. won't be any "OWNER" disconnects them. :)


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