Trigger linux script after file sync complete.

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I use ResilioSync to move files from one server to another across the country.  I have a script that I wrote (that I trigger manually) that processes the file on the receiving end and moves it out of the "incoming" folder.  This part is working flawlessly.

I'm trying to figure out a way to automatically trigger my script when a new file has finished transferring via Resilio Sync.

Any suggestions? 

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What type of system(s) are these? Linux, macOS, Windows?

Should be pretty easy to periodically run a script that compares the hash of a file to a previously known value and does something when it changes. If your system is Linux you can run the script every minute with cron etc.

Here's a bash script I slapped together... you'll need the sha256sum binary, which you can get for just about any platform. See GNU coreutils or if you're on macOS and have Homebrew, `brew install coreutils`. This won't work for Windows but something similar can be done in PowerShell if needed.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

function calculateHash() {
  sha256sum "$srcfile" >"$oldhash"

[ $# == 0 ] && { echo "usage: $0 <filename>"; exit; }


if [ ! -e "$oldhash" ]; then
  echo "creating hashfile for $fName"

if sha256sum -c --quiet "$oldhash"; then
  echo "hashes match, taking no action"
  echo "file change detected! doing stuff..."
  # do stuff here #


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