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It just seems like there is nearly nothing moving in the forum on requests and the software has not been updated for some time. This is unusual for Resilio. And if you visit other forums, therefore the impression given here is very understandable.

Of course it is also understandable that this forum support means an effort. This may be worth more than some jumping off and overflowing. I'm honest, I have licenses from Resilio and because of this "silence" I've already thought of switching to Syncthing at some point, because there are absolutely regular updates made.

In the meantime the v1.3.1 is up to date there. This software is a dangerous competitor for Resilio. In my environment I deal daily with several TB of data in about 50 main folders and manage so far with Resilio without significant problems. In tests with a part of it became clear that Syncthing in the process security hardly more inferior. That was not quite the case with versions 0.xx.

Resilio I think is still better, because the handling is better. Syncthing, however, is a little more complicated. In operation, Resilio is simply rounder and more responsive.

Well, evaluate it as a small report, not as a criticism, but others may feel the same when apparently nothing moves.

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11 hours ago, Alex. said:

Resilio is very much alive! ;)

I guess that depends on your definition of alive.  Well I will say this. If you are trying to sell a product you need to sell the impression that you have a bug free product and an amazing support staff.  The comments on here, and the lack of responses, very much suggest Reslio is not alive!  Maybe not dead, but certainly not healthy.


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I do not know what kind of marketing Resilio has, but that would be the wrong way. Resilio is one of the best, which is beyond any doubt for me. But something like that is reflected in a forum. If that is not the case and bugs are included and perhaps even repeated, that's the real thing that takes users away from software. Retaining support is counterproductive, no matter how good or bad software is. If support actively cares about its users, they feel that everything around the software seems important. Then they are even more willing to participate in grosser mistakes.

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6 hours ago, David.P said:

Yeah, something definitely wrong here.

Sync still looks very much dead, judging from the almost non-existent communication and support.

The last time anyone from support staff has posted anything was in June. Both Helen and RomanZ obviously are long gone

Not sure if @Helen or @RomanZ are real people or just support/admin accounts. @Helen's last visit time was Oct., 25, but her last post was on Jan., 17.

I guess @Alex. is the new support staff (not administrator though).

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17 hours ago, Andy+ said:

What is going on with Resilio connect and to have some experience of it to Resilio Sync? What happen with v2.6.x or v2.7?

First of all, Resilio Sync 2.6.3 and Resilio Connect Agent 2.7.* have the same core engine.

Resilio Sync 2.7.0 will be released soon.

I can't say you neither exact date nor list of new features. Sorry :(

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I do that at every suitable opportunity, e.g. in any forums, e.g.


since it is my belief that Resilio is a class of software. By comparison, Syncthing had a lot of trouble just as well until recently. Meanwhile I see there only small differences in the operation and handling. But from the process security these are now equivalent.

I think the main problem here is more in support than the feeling that you are in good hands. The software may have quirks, the user usually pull in their rectification without further notice, if you have the feeling that a care takes place.

There are enough other examples besides Syncthing, such as ownCloud and the very popular nextCloud in community circles. These too are not perfect, but have the community and their fans who support as well.

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What this product needs is a GUI.  The syncing setup is a nightmare for anyone but the most dedicated techies (in which I include myself).

A year without an update is too long, clearly the product is being neglected which creates a vicious cycle of no support, no new customers, no new revenue, no support...

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With updates I´m expecting optimized software. Every day I read something about issues are depending on bugs and others, are normal in software packages. Today I read about the "Pause" issue, is in reality no "Pause" and could be horrible. If that is a bug, for me is it, this could be solved in the next update.

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On 11/24/2019 at 2:41 PM, Frank Maier said:

It has a GUI and I set up everything using this GUI. It was much simpler than setting up Syncthing. I don't get what you're missing.

Imagine a GUI where your various devices are graphically presented and the syncing behaviors between them are created and displayed as the lines between them.  The lines could be styled to reflect the various syncing options that are currently set in a textual preferences dialog.

The goal with UI is to be good, very good, excellent; not just better than something that is bad. 

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