identical folders to start and remote delete

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Im a bit new to sync and i have two questions.

I have a cloud server which hosts files that are distributed to a few computers that are in our local office.  lets say folder A is the cloud folder i want to sync and folders B -> D are local folders.

1.) Before i installed sync and shared the read only key from folder a, the local folders already were identical in their content to whats in the cloud. for some reason though, sync wants to re-download everything and overwrite. why would it do that if the files are already identical?

2.) Ive looked through all the settings and search the forums for this question. Is it possible to set sync so that if i remove a file from folder a it will remain on folders B -> D? basically allowing the local folders to act as the archive? i ask because i only have a small amount of room in the cloud and many terabytes of space locally.


Thanks in advance for any help!



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1) Maybe they have different time stamps. Normally it should work and sync shouldn't transfer all files again. Are you sure it really transfers the files?

2) You might try to use selective sync (you need the Pro version therefore: Or you sync the subfolders instead of the root folder and connect only the recent active folder which only contains some parts.

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