Sync for Linux / Raspberry Pi: need help with permissions

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I did install Sync on my Raspberry Pi and when I share folders located under /home/rslsync, the owner is rslsync. However, the location where I intend to put my files, the owner is pi. This is where I need your help, because Sync complains about "locked files" followed by "Not enough permissions" for each folder in the share.

I am really new to Linux, but something tells me that since the Sync-process is run by the owner rslsync, then maybe I need to set the same rights for the folder where I intend to put my synced files?

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This is a good guide:

Bascially, you can add the rslsync user to the pi user's default permissions group (pi), like this:

sudo usermod -aG pi rslsync

You will also have to change the permissions on the pi home folder to allow read/write permission for the pi group:

sudo chmod g+rw /home/pi

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On 7/7/2019 at 5:25 PM, Tim77 said:

sudo chmod g+rw /home/pi

My shared folder is located under /media/Pi/DRIVE/Sync/Mob

I dont know what happened just now, but I cant even enter the Pi-folder above. Looking into the permissions, the owner is me, not Pi like the other folders, not Rslsync. I dont remember if I did something to change that or if I was always the owner, but that something happened after chmod (I either wrote sudo chmod g+rw  /media/Pi/DRIVE/Sync/Mob or sudo chmod g+rw  /media/Pi/DRIVE/Sync)

What could have happened and what should I do to fix it?


edit: I think I remember how I (as in the user) became owner of /media/Pi/ - I set the Home Directory to /Media/Pi instead of the default one. Once I removed that change, reboot, the Pi-folder now had root as owner. Not sure if that was the default. Anyway, I still cant enter the Pi-folder from within Sync GUI.

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I have a similar problem - using a Raspberry PI with Raspbian and a USB hard drive attached to it to sync files from my Synology NAS to the USB drive. The drive is mounted on the Raspberry by user pi to /media/pi/Sync and sync tasks have been created on both the Synology NAS and the Raspberry, but sync does not work due to "locked files" and permission issues on the USB disk drive. I already treid to add the user rslsync to the group of the user pi but with no effect, still same problem.

Any hints on how to solve this?


Thanks a lot!

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