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Hello there,

I've got an older 64-bit computer - Intel Pentium 4 @ 3Ghz with 5GB or RAM. It's working but struggling under Windows 7; CPU is at 100% when running Sync. The only thing I'm using it is for backing up large drives from my main computer. So I'd like to try running Resilio under Linux, but I'm afraid it won't make much of a difference if I install a full-blown Ubuntu or similar.

Has anyone tried installing it on a very light version like Puppy or similar? Does it work?

Thank you,

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The computer's spec is more than enough if you run headless Linux (i.e., don't install/run X server/Desktop environment).

I would recommend using popular distros such as Debian (choose tiny/small CD) or Ubuntu (server), because the bigger user base, the more chance you'll get support in case you have any issues.

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