daemon root permissions on macos devices

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I would like my resilio-sync to have permissions to place files everywhere it wishes to.  in other words, I want to give the daemon root privileges.  Ideally, the daemon would preserve the uid and gid and permissions of the files themselves.

on linux, I can accomplish this by editing /lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service .  what is the equivalent file (or method) on macos?


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So I recall you posting about this and didn't have anything to offer since I don't use macOS. But while evaluating backup solutions for FreeBSD, I did come across this support note from urBackup (emphasis mine):



Due to continuous instability and breakage of UrBackup Client on the macOS platform, official support for this platform has currently ceased. Please consider using a different backup solution for this platform.


MacOS Mojave's privacy protection prevents root from reading all files and causes backup errors. Adding UrBackup Client to the list of allowed apps either doesn't work, works till reboot or causes high CPU usage during backups


So basically it seems macOS has crippled root filesystem access. One thing you could try is creating a group in macOS, applying read, write, and execute permissions for that group to the folders Resilio Sync touches, and then adding the users whose directories Sync has access to, as well as the rslsync user, to that group. I have no idea how that would work, and *nix group permissions tend to be screwy, but there's that. Let us know how it goes.

BTW I suppose the rest of us will be facing a similar problem when Scoped Storage becomes mandatory in Android 11. Just about every app that touches the Android filesystem will have to be updated for it.

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