Device Name on linux servers?

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on macos, I can learn the name of the device in the GUI under Settings, General.

on my linux server, which has no GUI, how can I find out the device name?

(the ultimate goal is to determine whether my two hosts have a path to and/or see one another.)


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You can change device name by accessing its WebUI page.

or you can write your own config file and run rslsync with --config. Start from 

./rslsync --dump-sample-config

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thank you.

  • can the device name be changed for already linked up devices?  (https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206163443-Can-I-change-the-name-of-my-Sync-identity- hints that doing so for an existing peer may require un-relinking.  it gives instructions for unlink-relink on macos, but not for linux.)  I think the answer is yes...the device name can be changed running.
  • I don't think I can use the webUI, because there is no gui on the linux server, so I cannot point a browser at localhost.  or is it safe to give it a static IP address of another machine, where I could then run a browser?  obviously, I want to be paranoid about opening up my resilio admin to the broader internet.


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