Exclude larger files from sync.


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Personally, I find ignoring files backwards and wish I could just select files or folders. Install a new application and the ignore list doesn't know to ignore it which is just crappy (yes, selection is the same in a way although you can still not have the application install folder included and just include any configs, etc should that be one you want to instead of having to ignore each and every and making a silly long ignore list), but limiting by file size can also be crappy too when that one file increases past your ignore limit and then you find someday later when you need it that it wasn't taken in.

There are problem areas with Resilio Sync and getting the files you want or don't want included is just something you have to live with in my opinion unless you have a highly focused use for RS.

But, at least for you, if they added selection and ignore by file size they could just allow you to select files as well to select and override filesize or even detect with a check to see if last filesize was lower and ask what you want to do in those cases, save that and boom, you got a better system.

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