v 2.6.3 keeps trying to sync files

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I have a very large folder syncing between two Macs:

  • both Macs are running RS version 2.6.3
  • Both Macs ".sync/StreamsList" files include ""

Nevertheless, they are trying to sync a large amount of files, as shown here:


What should I do to fix (or even troubleshoot) this?


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Done. Thanks. That seems to have fixed it.


  1. 13 days to get a response to a bug report isn’t great. Is there a better place to report them than here?
  2. I’m curious to know how Resource Forks suddenly became an issue in 2.6.3. After all, it seems like an issue that Re-Sync would have had to deal with from the beginning.
  3. Version 2.6.3 has been out for awhile. Was I somehow the first person to report this issue? That seems odd. 


Update: I’ve just seen this post which suggests that the past few weeks aren’t (hopefully!) indicative of “normal” for the company. So that’s good news.

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