Folders stopped Syncing an hour ago, but I've already made changes on one computer


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As the title states.  I have 2.3.7 running on both computers.  with three folders being shared as three different syncs.  Two are working fine. One does not want to sync between the two.


I've made changes and moved files around on computer A, but it won't sync with computer B.


How do I restore the sync function without losing all the changes and files that I've moved around duplicating themselves as if I started from a fresh restart?

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I deleted the associations from the computer with the outdated changes and relinked without deleting the sync folder in the old computer and it seems to be working again with the proper updates.  It was very scary for a moment as there was a moment when all changes and moved files seemed to have deleted themselves from both computers.


All is good again, but it's a bit annoying as there has been issues in the past where both computers see the other computer and acknowledge their connection to each folder, but one of the 3 folders refuses to update.

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