Peers in LAN do not sync

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Hi, I have 2 peers in a LAN, which are not able to communicate at all.
A third peer coming in over the internet can see both.
I will attach the logfiles of the two peers not being able to connect via LAN

The logfile shows, that the peers are actually connecting, but the not agreeing on a cipher or something. I already tried to disable encryption on LAN sync. That did not help.

I see the following error in the logfile of both nodes:

[20190819 01:12:56.032] TLS: connection with a peer has been aborted, direction 1, code: 336109761, message: "no shared cipher"
[20190819 01:12:56.033] PC[0x43e18ea0][0x00000000][] disconnect - reason: "Connection closed", wb: 0, error: 103, ref: 0



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