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I'm new to Resilio, but I have managed to setup sync between my desktop and my Readynas RN102. Though I find that my sync speed isn't as fast as i should. They are connected via gigabit ethernet through a gigabit switch.

When testing with NAStester i get transfer speeds of 60-70 MB/s but running Resilio Sync only get 7-8 MB/s in average, with peaks of 15 MB/s. I have tried the recommended settings for improving transfer speed, and all but one step in the guide setting up forced LAN sync - i cannot access the config folder as specified here:

Therefore i am not able to copy the sync.conf file to the correct directory of my NAS. I have tried to access via pathfinder and frontview. I can see the folder in pathfinder but not via frontview.

Any help would be appreciated.



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You have a low end NAS with a very slow CPU. NAStester seems to test with large files. So most NAS are able to achieve 100MB/s. On the other hand, small files reduce the speed drastically. You could test your transfer speed by copying lots of small files, I doubt you get anything above 20 MB/s.

Can you take a look at the CPU usage. I suspect your CPU is the limiting factor. Resilio Sync does not simple copy the file in bulk, but splits it up in multiple parts, has to verify the correct transmission, ...

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Hi Frank,

Thank you for your response. I'm well aware that i have a slow NAS and that smaller files will result in slower transfer speeds. I have monitored the CPU usage during sync and can see that the CPU is maxed out. This isn't a surprise to me. However i would still like to maximize the performance of my gear, hence the question regarding the sync settings folder.


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