ZyXel NSA325v2 upgrade btsync 2.2.6 to rslsync 2.5.12

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Thought I would share this in case anyone else has the same problem. 

My old and trusty ZyXel NSA325v2 had been happily syncing for a few years after I upgraded from btsync 1.2.73 to btsync 2.2.6 in 2015, until, it seems about May 2018.  

Because Resilio Sync "just works" i didn't noticed it had stopped until I tried to pull down a selective sync folder. So in September 2019 I upgraded to the latest version, with the help of ResilioSync support.  

The latest version, 2.6.3, is NOT supported and will not work. so you need a slightly older version (2.5.12)


  • Download the ARM version https://download-cdn.getsync.com/2.5.12/linux-arm/resilio-sync_arm.tar.gz  
  • Unpack the tarball `tar xvzf resilio-sync_arm.tar.gz`
  • Copy `rslsync` to your NAS drive (FTP, SSH?) 
  • Telnet/SSH to your NAS, copy `rslsync` to the folder: `/usr/local/zy-pkgs/bin` but name it something like `rslsync_2.5.12`
  • Move the old binary and replace it with a symlink `mv btsync btsync_2.2.6` and then symlink the new one like `ln -s rslsync_2.5.12 btsync`
  • Reboot the NAS simply enter the command`reboot` 

Hope this helps someone! :)

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