Resilio app on iOS 13

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I use latest Resilio Pro on a couple of Linuxes without any problems. But I had problems with iOS app. Does anyone has issues with it on iOS13?

1) When I click on downloaded file instead of opening the file (eg. jpg,txt,pdf and so on) share window pop-ups - I can use "quick look" but then no swiping left/right is working. I asked the Resilio directly but if I understood correctly they are not working on anything iOS related because they have no iOS developer right now :(

2) I'd love to SORT somehow folders/shares on main window - now the order is random (it's not just iOS13 issue, it's a problem since.... always?)


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I have just run into the same issue. I can't swipe between files and don't want to see share options every time I view a file.

I really hope this gets changed back in an update.

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