Backup entire Android phone?


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Back when this had its previous name (I dont remember) I could backup "/" and it worked like a charm.


Now it says Android OS restricts access to this directory or something similar.....So I selected /storage which basically already contains all I want....


On my phone, I created backup and then pointed it to that folder....On server side, I granted access and pointed it to a share....


Reselio says its all synced up but all it did is create a emulated and self folder.....It isnt copying the rest of the data inside.....


Why? How can I sync my entire data like I did back in the day?



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I don't know anything certain about your phone (version, storages) but 1) Android changed a lot since the days you used the old version 2) perhaps you pointed Resilio to the linked directory (the name 'emulated' is not by accident) - try to find any other real path that points to the desired folder (like in /storage). AFAIR Resilio doesn't support links to folders.

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