How do I block files from deletion?

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How do I block files from deletion on 1 side of the sync?
PC1 is Production & syncs its files to PC2 which is Backup
PC1 is syncing to the backup server PC2 normally
-I want to make sure PC2 files remain even if their counterparts are deleted on PC1
-I'm aware of the Archive setting but I just want to disable it altogether to prevent accidental loss of backup.



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How do you intend to to solve conflicts? Like, you deleted "wonderful.jpg" and just a minute later you created a new one, called "wonderful.jpg".
You also don't solve the problem of file corruption. Like, you created a "wonderful.jpg" image, and, accidentially, overwrites it with a blank image. The image is gone, no backup.

So what you want is a backup, not a sync. Or in Windows you could additionally use something like File History.

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