Is there a bunch of bugs in v2.6.x ?

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I have been days trying to determine why one of my nodes would not upload to the other two nodes. And yesterday I upgraded a 2nd node and now its displaying similar weird behaviour. What's even more weird is this seems to be occurring on one sync/share instance only, and its really large.  Some of the issues I have noticed:

  • One share will no longer upload to other machines, once running on 2.6.3; even if I recreate that sync instance from scratch.
  • One 2.6.3 node complains "file permissions incorrect or lock on files", yet nothing has changed in my setup for years now.
  • Another 2.6.3 nodes complains "cannot download files; no copies exist to download" yet there are two machines with those files.
  • Any transferring of data; occurs in 'micro bursts' (according to the graphing tool), not the normal steady high bit rate syncing you typically see.
  • Two peers in a LAN do not sync with each other, and one peer on the internet syncs with one node on the LAN, but not the other.

I've been a couple days scratching my head on this one, I just can't find the "ah ah moment" item.  All I node I was having decent success for a while but recent upgrades to two of my machines seem to have put ghosts in them.  Even more confusing is this affects syncing for one folder, but not the other folders/sync-instances, even thought my set up has not changed in years. Permissions, etc all identical.


I see a ton of these in the log file too, if that means anything:

disconnect - reason: "closed virtual socket", error: 0



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