How about a rock solid bullet proof Sync Lite version?


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When BTSync came it was low on features but it was rock solid on syncing. I think the general consensus was it was flawless.  But then one day there was a new version that had a fundamental change to it that caused a bunch of syncing issues, and since then it seems each and every release has ghosts in it; most of then causing stuck syncing, and other undesirable stuff.

Is there any chance a Sync Lite version could be released, one low on features, does syncing for a few folders, runs on many OS (including FreeBSD, Apple iOS, and Android of course), is easy to support, and is bullet proof flawless? Maybe dig up some of that old code?  And then, to make money (revenue), sell a licensed version of it that supports way more folders, but is still Lite.

I have been using Sync since it was invented, patiently waiting for the day for it to become rock solid in syncing then I would buy, but that day never seems to come.  Seems I get a few months out of it, and then some new version gives me another different ghost.




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