How to prevent data-loss in cases of bad handling?


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Dear Members,

I am running ResilioSync as a pro user and I have a question that certainly gives me headache because I do not know how the sync algorythm handles these situations.

Removable Drive
Imagine having 2 folders running in sync at two different places. One computer has the folder located on an internal HD, another computer has it located on a USB Stick. Now, if I remove the USB stick on the second machine, does ResilioSync delete the folders on the internal machine on the first computer?

Deleting accidentally
Imagine having 2 or more folders in sync. Now if someone accidentally deletes one of the folders on one machine, I expect the folder being deletet on any other machine as well. Worst case: All data is lost. Is there a way to prevent something like this to happen?

Best regards,

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Removable Drive:
Just test it.

Deleting accidentally:
No way to prevent it. It's not a backup, it's a real time sync. However, Resilio Sync does not delete the files, it moves them to the .Archive folder, inside the shared folder, first. After 30 months or some other period, which you can define in the Power user preferences, it removes them permanently.

Still, you should have some sort of backup, too. Some kind of automatic incremental backup. Take a look at Duplicati or alternatives.

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