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I think it would be great if Resilio Sync supported a "mirror"-permission beside ro, rw and owner, effectively implementing encrypted copies for advanced folders also, which is lacking today. You should want to fill the gap between advanced and encrypted folders anyway. Having to choose between either having acl or encrypted copies is simply not good enough, both should be possible

This would come more natural if the folder already is encrypted on disk on all peers with this type of share, it could be called "Advanced encrypted folder" for example

This would also provide a more robust revoke solution for advanced folders, and would further safeguard your data from unauthorized access

Like all things already exists, you already have encrypted copies, and support --decrypt to folder, the only thing that is not implemented is going from and to "mirroring"

Would be a big plus if it was also possible to select encryption and hashing algorithms when creating these new types of shared folders

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