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11 hours ago, Markezzzzzo said:

PAUSE is not really pausing sync, just pausing upload and download!

This is horrible logic.

This really is a terrible design flaw. If syncing is paused, I expect that to mean that changes I make locally have no effect remotely until I resume syncing again.


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@Andy+ @Markezzo @luomat


Pause implies that only bits downloads/uploads are stopped. It means that

- zero sized files will be synced either way;
paused peers won't download/upload anything;
- file's deletion will be synced either way;
- new files will be rescanned and indexed, i.e. share size will increase accordingly on a paused peers.


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That is clear now after open this thread. The point is, that up to now the users understand the term "Pause" in this way, that all stops, otherwise it must call "Pause Download" or any specific like that, so the understanding is, only the downloading stopps. That is something different. And as you can see, this can cause damage.

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If I wanted to stop all activities, I would quit Sync.

But if I want to stop activity in just one folder then PAUSE ought to do that, not some other definition of PAUSE that NO ONE WOULD EVER ASSUME because to everyone else in the world PAUSE means PAUSE not PAUSE SOME THINGS BUT NOT OTHERS.

This is either a bug or a terrible idea by some engineer. As the feature now exists, it should not be called PAUSE under any reasonable definition of the word PAUSE which a normal person would take to mean “Nothing will happen to this folder until I tell it to resume."

The ability to pause some folders (and leave others syncing) is one reason that I chose Sync instead of Dropbox. If I wanted to have to quit the app to stop all syncing, I can just use Dropbox.

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On 12/16/2019 at 2:05 PM, Alex. said:

Unfortunately due to very large file sizes archiving was disabled on both ends. We recovered some data using ssd recovery tools but some got missing forever.

I did not realise that Pause is there to save Bandwidth.. and I agree with most users that this function is misleading and is a great UX flaw.

This logic means that to stop syncing 1 of 10 folders  I either have to shut down the entire sync or remove the folder from the list...


Hope this topic will get enough attention at dev's end..

edit: why is the status set as solved? There are no promised updates on this issues.

The problem is NOT solved

Edited by Markezzzzzo
+misleading tag "solved" - it is not
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