1.4.111 XP and 2.3.7 W8.1 having problems syncing 1 of 3 folders


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I'm really confused as to why I'm having issues.


I have three folders that I'm syncing between the two computers, and they've been perfectly fine for the past couple of years.  But recently I've noticed that one of the three folders just doesn't really sync very fast or very well.


The other two folders work as expected, and the "Size" numbers match, in addition to just 'working'.  The third folder has issues.    While the other two folders on the XP1.4.11 machine have green check marks, that third folder has a "Out of Sync" error.  And while the other two folders note "1 of 1 peer" the third folder can't see the same peer. Or wait... now it does.

But I can see some moving and changes that aren't reflected on the other computer.

Could wifi be an issue?  The 2.3.7w8.1 computer has wifi issues, but that doesn't explain why the other two folders work perfectly fine...

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I think I found the issue with this folder.  This folder is on a SD card on the 2.3.7 W8.1 tablet, and the SD card has a tendency to grow errors when powered off improperly, or the tablet BSOD's.  It reports errors on the card, scans for more errors, and 'fixes' them.


There is a second 1.4.111XP computer that has a folder that is shared with the 2.3.7w8.1 tablet on the same SD card and that folder is not working as well.


I'm sure that the logs would show some sort of errors, and the solution would be just to restart all over again with new folders as it's a hardware and not a software problem.


That said, if it happens again, is this something I should log anyways and submit for 'interest' sake? or is this something that you don't really need?


The only thing I find interesting is that BT Sync couldn't recover from the card after it was 'fixed'

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