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@Alex, Yes of course, for creating a new certificate I tried several methods (installing openssl on windows, but also creating a certificate on my readynas) and because if the defined files/certificates do not exists Resilio-Sync will not start 🙂

After some more digging and tries, I get my self-signed certificate working, but the result is still the same.... webgui is working under Firefox and Chrome, but within Edge and IE still resulting in a blanc page.... 😞

part of the logging: see attachment




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On 1/27/2020 at 12:31 PM, Alex. said:

@Hans# I see. It's a bug. Current version doesn't work correctly with IE & Edge in case someone sets "force_https" to true. As a workaround you can set it to false or disable TLS 1.2 in browser. We'll fix in the next version.

@Alex, thx for your reply and answer... I have tested IE and EDGE with TLS 1.2 disabled and it is working

any idea when the next/fixed version will become available?

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Sorry, again and again we hear the same, also in other threads. Your software is still good, but the bugs are not getting any smaller.

In the meantime, the Sync service can no longer be installed on Windows 10, as various threads show here. The Android APP has to be started every time you want to sync, because it freeze and nothing else happens, etc. etc. Partly inflexibility, I can not set "Send only", "Receive only", "Send and receive" as example for new features.

Because of the thing with the Android APP, I am sometimes forced to switch to Syncthing, which forces me to combine Resilio with Syncthing. Nobody understands what's going on here anymore. Alex doe his best, but honestly, he's just patching around.

I think there would be a lot more posts about bugs and problems if the forum were really active again. That would significantly promote and advance the development. But that doesn't happen because everyone now knows that nothing solid or sustainable is happen anyway. Always patchwork.

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It is unclear what is going on here. There are always announcements that are not kept. Other interests are in the foreground. Resilio Connect is more important, and it's probably also about capacity and financial resources.

At some point the "bug" wave is so big that there is no other way but to roll out new releases. The above is understandable somewhere, the latter is not good.

In any case, I see more and more people in the Syncthing Forum who are definitely from here as well as I do. The main reason for me is that I am forced to use Syncthing because Resilio e.g. not working properly in the Smartphone APP. I've been preaching this for a long time now, but it doesn't seem to be arriving properly. The Syncthing APP runs very good. And I'm not alone with things like that.

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