sync to Dynamic DNS via specific ports to NAT


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Product Resilio Sync Pro 2.6.3 (1340)

Pro - as in 5 user license/subscription.

Platform(s) : Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 18.04, FreeNAS 11.2 (but also a Win10 laptop at work - happy to leave this out of the equation).

Okay - I've done various searches but unable to find more specific information I'm looking for.

Everything was working "tickety-boo" in 2018, till my employer started blocking a "vast" range of anything to anywhere TCP/UDP ports...  I'm on good terms with one of the Network administrators, and he gave me a list of TCP ports open to "anywhere", e.g. armed with this information I can now ssh to my Raspberry Pi from my desk at work, with a NAT rule on my router.

Currently I've implemented a "kludge" - I keep my main home computer (Dell Laptop running 19.10) connected/sync'd via my employer's VPN (horrible Checkpoint SSL product), and I've got "Predefined Hosts" pointing to the IP address of my work Laptop running 19.10, using port 60870.  This works. 

Another even "kludgier" workaround I was using was to insert a 256 GB thumb drive into a BananaPi (M1, running Armbian), running on a LiPo battery, sync everything to there from "home", plonk it on my desk (got a dumb Gbit switch on my desk) and get it sync'd, but the Pi ethernet NIC is a bit "dodgy", had to keep rebooting it (pulling power and pressing power button) - i.e. take it into work, and home again, everyday...

So - given this information

Work will let me 


office anywhere    30400

office anywhere    31400

office anywhere    32400

office anywhere     4020

office anywhere     4022

office anywhere     4023

office anywhere     5671

office anywhere     5672

i.e. no UDP it seems, and not "ranges of ports" unless e.g. 5671-5672... Also - I'm using one of these for my SSH NAT rule to my RPi.

Here's my "Predefined Hosts" settings for one of my shares, from the Ubuntu machine @home that I keep VPN'd to the office


"tenrji-wk" is an /etc/hosts file entry, pointing to the DCHP leased IP address of my work Ubuntu laptop...  I have to edit /etc/hosts if my work computer gets a new DHCP lease.

Armed with this information, could I perhaps

Setup (at least one) of my work Resilio Clients to send out on TCP port 30400 to my NoIP dynamic hostname, with my broadband router having a NAT rule to send this traffic to some "port" (e.g. 60870) on one of my home computers.


desktop 30400    -> -> home-PC:60870


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I just thought about this again, and I don't think some sorta NAT thingie will work 

desktop 30400    -> -> home-PC:60870

Anyone have any ideas?  Am I going about this all wrong?

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