Rescan 'out of sync' files?


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I moved one of my Resilio-paired computers to a new house/network, and when I started it back up the time was set incorrectly.


Resilio refused to sync, because there was a time discrepancy.


I fixed the time issue, rebooted the computer, and now 2/3 or so of my files are reported by Resilio as having been modified on the R/O machine.


I told Resilio to go ahead and revert  the smallest folder (hoping it would recognize the fact that the files were the same, after all, and just resync. No luck, it actually transferred duplicate files, and pushed all of the originals into the .archive folder. They have the same timestamp, same CRC checksum, they're identical.


Now, other than removing / re-adding all of my folder pairs and starting from scratch, is there any way to force Resilio to take a second look at all of the files it thinks are modified?

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I restored the Resilio appdata folders to a backup from around a month ago, and let it rescan/rebuild from there.


Any idea what could have caused Resilio to flag so many files as modified, though? And is there any mechanism for it to eventually rescan these files and recognize that it's a mistake?


I tried leaving it alone for 2-3 days, and it seemed like those files just get ignored once they've been flagged, and once you 'ok' Resilio to revert them, it just does it without double checking that it's necessary.

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