Can't install as Windows Service

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I'm trying to install Resilio Sync to run as a Windows Service, per the instructions here:

Step 4 never happens -- it doesn't ask me for a username/password at all.  The installer just does... whatever it does, and then opens my browser to 127.0.01, where I get a "This site can't be reached" error.  I open Services, and there is no Resilio service there.  I also tried running the installer As Administrator, but it made no difference,

Any ideas what I should try?

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Could you please go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp and check for btsyncsvc_*.log files?

Which version of Windows do you use?

Do you use any antivirus?

Could you please try to install service manually using the following command?

cd "%APPDATA%\Resilio Sync" ; "Resilio Sync.exe" /svcinstall -a -u %username% %password%
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