Sync on iOS takes too much space


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iPhone or iPad show that Sync takes a lot of space. Browsing through the app does not confirm that  - the synced files take far less space than reported. 


go to Sync settings - > Support -> Contact support. *INSTEAD OF* email address type SNC.DBG.STORAGE (all caps), other fields leave untouched, tap on 'envelope' icon. You shall get a new pop up with Sync's storage folder . Browse through folders, especially Storage/.syncservice directory and "Files Storage Provider" . If it's "Files Storage Provider" that takes the space, you may delete the shares from Files Storage Provider - tap on 'i' -> remove. 

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Hi Helen,
I have the exact same problem.
However, I can't seem to make your solution work.
I go to sync/settings/contact us (the menu in the sync app on ios 14.7.1 is not "contact support", it's "contact us").
I the email address field I delete then insert SNC.DBG.STORAGE then press send/submit.
All that happens is "this is not a valid email".
Any ideas?


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