Couple issues on iOS app 2.6.4


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Resilio Sync mobile used to work fine on iOS. 

Today I upgraded Resilio Sync to 2.6.4 then all the issues come out. 

1. file share / copy file to sync no longer work. It supposed to popup a menu asking which folder in Sync I should choose to store the file. But on 2.6.4, nothing happens. 

2. I tried to delete Sync app and download the latest 2.6.4 from appstore again. The copy file to sync issue is gone. But new issue is I have to manually add all shared folder because it is a brand new install now. After enter the share key and name the folder, it does not sync! I go to 'advance' to put predefined host, it starts to sync. But after a while, eg lock screen or quit background, the 'predefined host' entry becomes empty, it still not sync. 

This app becomes totally useless on 2.6.4. With my very little experience with iOS, this app may have some file permission issue. Especially on iOS 13. 

My iphone 8 plus is running latest iOS 13.3.1. No issue with Resilio Sync mobile app before 2.6.4. 

Right now I have no way to downgrade to previous version. 

I've also submit in app support report to you. Would you please fix this issue? Alternatively, can you pull off this buggy 2.6.4 from appstore so that people can download previous version. 


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On 2/14/2020 at 11:58 AM, xfelix said:

So the main issue right now is the predefined hosts entry is not persistent. The host will disappear after put Sync app into background for a while or quit Sync app.

If I turn off relay server and tracker server, it will never sync.

A work around may be: Use poweruser settings 'folder_defaults.known_hosts'. The string format is <host>:<port> to have one persistent predefined host for all folders. Used on iOS 13 with iPhone and iPad.

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