windows photos app no readable photos

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I use the pro version to sync among many things the photos I take on my android phone and ipad to all my devices.

Works good and happy with it.

I just recently discovered the windows photos app. ( I come from mac ) So on one machine I needed to work on a photo.

I added the resilio folder to photos and it immediately saw all my photos in that folder.

Now I want to do the same on my portable. ( windows 10 pro 64 bit )

But no matter what I do, I get "no readable photos, videos or folders found."

I understand this could be a permissions problem, no matter which suggestions I follow, can't get it to work. ( the permissions I see seem to be correct, my name . system and administrators are set )

Anyone know how I can fix this ?


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Have the photos started to appear in the folder? (i assume you are still using win10 photo app as your main software and the two freeware were installed just for opening files?)

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