Resilio Sync Dedicated stand allon External hard drive.


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I have a hard drive called ”Road project” its used, surprisingly,  when I’m on the road.

Its a externa USB-c hard drive with SSD, photo and video editing, it is sync trough my laptop to Resilio Sync.

It works perfect.


What I want, is a possibility to dedicate it as a stand allon external  hard drive for ”Resillion Sync”



What ever computer or Ipad Pro (usb-c) it is connected to, it syncs to all the devices that it shares its folders with.

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Thanks! 😀

Will try it.

What I miss with this is that you need to have ResilioSync installed on host computer and if you bring the hard drive to collaborators computer for example for color correction. 

Then it would be nice of it synced automatic, insteed of installing Resilio on host computer, etc. etc.

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