Permission Issue With Rclone Mount

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Hey All,

I'm trying to point Resilio to an Rclone mount of Windows.  However, when adding the folder Sync reports it doesn't have permissions to write to the selected folder. 

The odd thing is, it is creating the .sync folder on the mount. 

The same user the Sync is run as has permissions to write to the mount. 

Sync log:

[2020-03-03 06:54:30.925] FC[34BA]: Setup entry job "CheckMutexJob" for path "", next state is "PERFORM_DISK", running 1/0, queue size 0 0 0 0 
[2020-03-03 06:54:30.925] ScheduledTask: "CheckMutex" invoked: timer, reason:recheck
[2020-03-03 06:54:30.926] MUTEX[\\?\X:\TV]: unable to get write handle to mutex file, error 5
[2020-03-03 06:54:30.926] CHECK_MUTEX_JOB: check failed with error : 101

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would cause this? 

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To add, if I create a new folder via Sync inside the mount instead of adding an existing it creates the folder.  So clearly it has full permissions to the mount.  Yes, once it adds the folder it tells me it doesn't have write permissions. 

Really hopping someone can shed some light onto what's going on. 

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