Linux/BSD: How do I move Sync from running as root to running as my user without having to setup from scratch?

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I'm currently running Resilio Sync as root on FreeBSD (don't be put off by the OS; I suspect anything that works on Linux will work on FreeBSD too as long as the appropriate equivalent commands are used.) I'd like to get it running under my username instead of root. How do I do this without having to set up Sync from scratch again? I suspect I'd have to move the


folder from its current location in


to somewhere it can be read without superuser permissions, e.g.


, and then I'd also have to change permissions on the files and folders that synced as root. I'd probably also have to create a


file, save it somewhere it can be read without root, and use it to point to the


folder's new location.

Does that sound right? Any other ideas?

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@jdrch Yes, it looks good! 👍🙂

You can use the following command to start Sync

rslsync --storage <path-to-.sync-folder>

In this case you can omit using sync.conf



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Good news: it worked!

Bad news: I missed a step. You also have to change ownership and permissions on the .sync folder copy so your user account can read it and its contents. Otherwise you'll get a permissions error.

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