I wrote a simple guide for setting up Resilio Sync on FreeBSD as root &/or user

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I wrote a simple guide on how to do the above. It works on FuryBSD too and can also be used to switch an installation from being run under root to being run under user without resinstalling.

For distributions just as GhostBSD that have an rslsync package available in their repos: the only thing in the instructions that might change is you install & update from the repo using your package manager instead of manually from the archive.

Thanks @Alex. for the assistance.

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2 minutes ago, eltopo said:

I suggest that do NOT run rslsync as root. run it as a normal user with webui's listening port > 1024.

It's standard Unix(-like) practice not to, but TBH I haven't seen any major case of compromised root process KOing a Unix(-like) OS in a very long time.

The biggest reason not to, IMO, is that rslsync as root makes the user's own synced files read-only to them, which is problematic.

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I have never seen Resilio run as root. However, as a hidden admin in the admins group no rights need to be assigned specifically for individual directories, since the admin group generally has access everywhere.

I cannot judge where the difference is to a user Resilio, to whom the rights to directories should be assigned individually.

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