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I am wondering if this situation can occur:

Assume you have a laptop and a desktop pc. Now this sequence of events occur:

laptop: you update a file  named file1.txt with some new content, say, a text file, now you have version two, but filename stays the same
pc and laptop are never on at the same time
on the pc, you later open file1.txt, but change nothing (or maybe you add a space somewhere and press save, or you press save while nothing has changed), so you still have basically version on on your desktop pc
Now, one you start your laptop, file1.txt seems newer version on the desktop, right? Although file size might be bigger. Will resilio overwrite 'version 2' on the laptop with 'version 1' on the desktop?

I think it works like this, right? 
so basically, one has to link both devices before starting to work on the other device?






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