How to set resilio sync up on a headless linux server

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Hello, I've been using resilio sync since it was called BitTorrent Sync. The time has come to set it up on a headless linux (ubuntu) server.

I've installed it just fine, but now I've hit a roadblock: Is there a command line interface that I can use? Information I've found on this seems sporadic and incomplete; often times for bitsync. If there's a good link or tutorial out there, please link me!

Is it possible to get the linux GUI from another computer? I've forwarded port 8888 and attempted to connect, but no luck.

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Thanks for the reply.

./rslsync --webui.listen

Is the flag to open the UI up over lan, although this didn't work for me for some reason. What worked for me was to change the "listen" ip from to my  actual internal ip for the server itself. I did this within /etc/resilio-sync/config.json so that I wouldn't have to launch with the above flag every time.

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