My hard drive is claiming to be full

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I’ve been using Resillio sync for a while now and I do love it! but I’ve been getting some annoying issues that keep happening. I’ve noticed that when I’m done transferring a file over to my remote computer, and I then delete that file out of the synced folder, the “allocated space” still is being used it seems like. Both systems are running MacOS. I open the folder and don’t see the file anymore, so I assume that it deletes, but I notice my hard drive is still at the same capacity. When I right-click and choose get info for that synced folder, I notice that even though the folder appears to be empty, the folder contains 50GB+ of data. I have noticed that if I quit the app and restart my machine (on both sides of the transfer) that it clears it, sometimes, but it is very inconvenient. I’d hope that’s not the typical use-case, needing you restart your machine every time to clear out the cache or whatever is happening. 


Is this a known issue? am I doing something wrong?

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