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I have been getting some random permission errors on Resilio Sync when using to sync two Netgear ReadyNas units. I wanted to double check what setting should I have under the Security Tab File Access:

Folder Owner should be what?

Folder Group should be what?



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From my Synology glasses I would say "root", but I don't think anyone can finally clarify that here. Perhaps this can be better clarified in the Netgear forum.

If I have authorization problems, I reset all ACLs in the concerned directory via the console to root:root, octal 0777 and overwrite them again on the NAS with the NAS ACLs and inherit them into the subfolders. So far, this has eliminated all problems.

But I have Synology Servers and I don't know if that work for your Netgears.

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Thank you but when I switched it over to root, I started to get many more error messages.

I have now switched them to Admin on both so that the Admin user is the owner of the files. I am assuming that Resilio Sync is running under the Admin account, and not the root account.


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