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Hi all,

I have Resilio Sync running on two Windows 10 Pro computers and on an Asustor NAS. I try to use the most recent version of Resilio on all of them. I run Resilio as a (Windows) service on my two Win 10 Pro computers. Last week I noticed that my computers were not synchronizing anymore (seeing no file updates show up on my NAS). I then tried to open up Resilio (desktop icon) to open up a browser window which then opens That should normally trigger the application and show the Resilio desktop/dashboard. Unfortunately this did not work and every time I tried to start the application (on the computers, the NAS was ok) I got this " localhost connection refused" message.

I looked it up on the internet and tried all sorts of suggestions (browser (cache, version, different brand,history), firewall, editing the hosts file ( localhost) and maybe a few more and it just did not work.

Until yesterday, when I decided to (on one of my computers) remove the Resilio software (through Windows, remove programs) and then I reinstalled Resilio. THAT triggered a small window  during the setup process where I had to indicate what Windows account (name + credentials/password) I'd like to run Resilio under. Ahh.....a few weeks ago I had indeed changed the Windows password! So, I inserted the proper name + password, continued the install, restarted and look and behold, upon double-clicking the Resilio icon on my Windows desktop, it smoothly and immediately continued into the Resilio dashboard.

So my question is (at last) this a common thing that I need to reinstall Resilio whenever I change the Windows password?? I should hope not but what do I need to do avoid this circus in the future? Should I edit a config file (if so, which one and where and how) and if not, what could then be wrong on my computers that I do have this problem?

Sorry for the longish email, I thought a bit more information might be helpful....:-)

Your help is appreciated!

Kind regards,


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